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About Kathryn

After years of suffering with anxiety, depression, self-doubt and a general feeling that I didn’t ‘fit in’, ‘always got things wrong’ and ‘something was missing’ my journey brought me to complete a 5 day transformational course called Broadband Consciousness (BC) in June 2017. 


BC helped me to see that I am not 'broken' and I now use my experiences and training to help others to realise the same, overcome limiting self beliefs and live a life full of joy and purpose. 

I am an accredited coach with the Sue Stone Foundation and I use a combination of empowerment coaching techniques and Broadband Consciousness (BC) Training to guide you to let go of negative and limiting beliefs and step into a life where you can be your authentic self and choose your own thoughts, feelings and experience.

I am passionate about bringing conversations about positive mental health and particularly anxiety into the mainstream as I have witnessed time and time again the power of simply sharing your story with others. 

I grew up in County Durham and now live in Hertfordshire with my husband, I have a close relationship with my step-daughter and we spend a lot of time visiting family in the North East of England, particularly my amazing nephew and beautiful dynamic niece. I'm happiest when around water, good food & people that I love.