Reviews & Recommendations

“I have worked with Kathryn twice and on both occasions I have found Kathryn’s approach and delivery to be consistently excellent. Kathryn is experienced and possesses the ability to get up to to speed quickly, including in complex specialist environments. She is professional, friendly, supportive and never fails to deliver. Kathryn understands the importance of stakeholder management and has the ability to take people with her, in delivering and embedding successful change. The quality of Kathryn’s approach and outputs is first class and I have no hesitation in recommending Kathryn to any business”

Phil Crow, Broomlee Consultancy

"It has been a pleasure working with Kathryn. She is a highly professional, experienced and self-motivating individual who combines her extensive experience and knowledge to develop and implement, effective project and business change solutions. Kathryn has worked with Client to challenge, as appropriate, and clarify their remit. She is able to balance her work between team and independent activities to deliver exceptional results. She is comfortable engaging with multiple stakeholders, at all levels, across multiple organisations and her enthusiastic approach has made a real long-term difference to this organisation."

Alan Beatie, Mercury 3

"I've been fortunate to work with Kathryn on two assignments with differing characteristics. I have particularly valued her grasp of detail, and clear sight of how to meet the challenge of the projects we've been working on. The result has been high quality delivery of objectives. In particular, on Business Change work, I consider Kathryn's understanding of the required deliverables and the means to achieve them has been excellent. Kathryn is a great team player and I find that she provides helpful tips and advice on good practice. She also brings a human touch to work with insights from other parts of her life."

Tom Hanham, Consultant

" I have really enjoyed working with Kathryn on this project. She brings a measured and calm assurance to the team, backed up with a real depth of knowledge of the client. She has consistently provided support to me as commission lead, through raising specific areas of focus or issues that she is aware will have an impact on the project. Her style of working allows her to work fairly autonomously in developing her day to day work, calling on guidance and decision making only when it is needed. As commission lead I greatly value this type of approach as it helps me manage my time. 


Kathryn has a very strong understanding of the processes that the client uses. Across the project team Kathryn’s knowledge on this subject is probably greater than anyone else and she is able to clearly and reliably articulate a detailed understanding of this. She is also able to show how these processes and any changes to them, will impact on other parts of the project. The impact of this knowledge has been borne out through the technical partner updating a number of their key deliverables to take into account the work Kathryn has done."

Martin Chick, Arcadis Consulting 

"Kathryn worked for me as the GTR Thameslink PMO lead duringthe implementation phase of the Programme. I recruited Herwithout a minutes hesitation (my offer was made even before Shegot home). She didn’t disappoint. Kathryn is a consummate PMO Professional....diligent, challenging and hardworking."

Lee Gladstone, GTR

"Kathryn is a very effective team member, who has mastered her brief very quickly and found ways to simplify and streamline routine tasks so she can prioritise adding value and supporting the business. She has a logical and thorough, yet unintrusive, approach to designing and embedding performance improvement initiatives. She has built strong relationships with our delivery team contacts, in particular the senior managers she supports. She is an excellent source of advice to me on matters outside her formal remit and I have learned a lot from her. She is easy-going and a positive presence in the office who fits well into any situation. I recommend Kathryn without hesitation."

Michael Holt, on behalf of TFL