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I work with individuals and organisations to not only share techniques for overcoming anxiety, stress and depression but to actually facilitate a change in mindset that has a lasting impact. 

Overcoming Anxiety Workshops

1 Day


Throughout this one-day workshop I deliver a combination of empowerment coaching and Broadband Consciousness (BC) Training, tailored specially to help you break free from anxiety and limiting beliefs. This is done in a safe and caring environment within a group of between 4-6 individuals. 

Richard and Liz at The Ministry of Inspiration have been delivering BC for over 10 years and for hundreds of people, Broadband Consciousness helped them to overcome the negative beliefs that had limited their experience of life for so long. Simple, effective and super powerful BC gives you the ability to choose a different life. No matter how long you have felt stuck, fed-up, worthless, useless, pathetic or a waste of space, BC doesn’t waste time trying to fix the past. It lets you choose and enjoy life in the now and in the future.

Empowerment coaching helps you to create a quantum change in the results you enjoy in your personal and professional life, helping you have the confidence to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Just imagine the life you've always dreamed of living, with no barriers or boundaries.

Regardless of your current situation you can obtain the success you desire by following a few key success principles, you will leave feeling motivated, inspired and empowered to take the steps you need to achieve your dreams.

Tickets are limited to a maximum of 6 people per course to enable you to get the best possible value from the day. Price includes refreshments and lunch throughout the day.


Workshops are currently run in Hertfordshire, London (Kings Cross Area) and Durham City. Other locations available based on demand. Email shineyourlighttraining@gmail.com or visit my EventBrite page for more information and to book.

Workplace Training / Workshops / Talks


from £500 + VAT

My unique combination of empowerment coaching and Broadband Consciousness (BC) Training is a wonderful way of supporting staff or service users as part of your wellbeing strategy. I tailor my approach to the environment to ensure that those involved feel comfortable and are able to open up to a level they are comfortable with. 

Using my past experience as a Corporate Responsibility Manager I can also tailor sessions to your companies CSR strategy. Be it a motivational speech, an interactive workshop, an event for mental health day or a programme designed specifically for you. 

Email shineyourlighttraining@gmail.com to arrange a time to discuss options.