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"It was special and great to have a full day to myself to meet other people and to share stories. It was greatly thought provoking which will continue with me through my journey. A day of laughs and tears that will stay with me. Leaving the day feeling positive and more able to move forward. It was great just to be able to ‘say’ things! A great platform to grow from. Thank You xxx "

“Great energy, useful, achievable tools to help you on your journey. Highly recommend!” 

"I attended a one day training session on how to recognise and let go of limiting, negative beliefs so as to engage in life in a freer and happier way. 

The day was fun, relaxed, informative and hugely beneficial.

Kathryn competently facilitated the whole day with a natural warmth and compassion that literally shone out of her.

I would recommend anyone suffering from anxiety or low self esteem to attend one of these days.... it has the potential to be life changing."


“Great energy, useful, achievable tools to help you on your journey. Highly recommend!” Joan 

"Definitely coming away a happier person!"

"I went to the day with an open mind, as I needed to view more than what I was seeing at the time. Kathryn helped me see positive things about myself that I had placed on the back burner. Once I realised that I have been able to see myself as the real me." Neil

"Kathryn in particular made me feel comfortable enough to {open up}. Such a great day!"